Monday, February 4, 2013

Todays word of the day is: Craptacular.

So things have been in a downward craptacular spiral since my last post.
Now jobless and dealing with a seriously draining depression along with anxiety and now confirmed ADD.
No internet except for the wifi I can leech and only real bill is the one from my cellphone.
Still working on creations of the artistic nature though so that's been keeping me partially sane.
Mainly working on a TMNT fanfic right now that I had originally wanted to make into a flash video, but lack or resources and know how have reduced it to the story I'm currently writing until I can either get more experience or help with making the flash video.
Have a few good friends helping with reading and letting me know if anything sounds wrong or doesn't flow right. So there's that atleast.
My stitch markers sold though so that made me happy. Debating if I should make more and sell those as well, considering the time it took for the first ones to sell.
But no pay offs without risks, right?
Anywho, working my creative drawing side with a new program called "Paint Tool SAI".
It's like Paint and Photoshop had a child without the complications of Photoshop.
In short, crazy but manageable.
Oh right!
My word. :p

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm baaaack!

It's been a long time since I was last on here and there are plenty of reasons. One being the loss of internet.
There's been a lot going on since I last posted on here. I'm taking part of these groups to help self esteem and getting me back to regular everyday work. So far it's been great!

I made a sushi bag for my sister and ended up making a second one because the fiancé's sister really liked it.

 I also got some commissions for animal pillows so yay!
These are the two I made. On the left is the fox and on the right is the owl.

I also made a Yo Gabba Gabba kid bag.
 Here's Brobee:


And I made a small little guy for the fiancé.

(For those who don't know, this is Deadpool :P)

Things have still been pretty crazy and hectic, but thankfully it all seems to be getting better slowly.
I started to broaden my crochet horizon by trying my hand in yoga bags and kid bags/backpacks as well. I've also started making crochet and knit stitch markers but have yet to sell any since I'm still very new at setting stuff up for sale on the internet.
For those who wish to see the first ones I made and posted: 

I also started an idea for wine glass charms but I'm not sure if there'd be as much of a demand or want for them as much as something like knitting or crocheting  since they seem to be coming back into style.

Other than all that I recently went to New Brunswick for the fiancé's family reunion and fell in love with the country life all over again.

There's more but I will post it another time since I still have to get my stuff organized.
So if you know anyone that may like the stitch markers, please link them to my shop! I'll be making more and adding them to etsy! ^_^

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Misappropriating time...and loving it!

I live! Sorry about not posting or updating things for a long time and the like was getting me kinda hard.
The last few months have been ok though. Back to work, catching up to bills and what not so everything is getting evened out. I've been setting up my Etsy account and trying to get things made to start selling them, but I've also been playing a lot of L4D2 and Pokemon Black! :-P
So what's new other than my waste of time? A friend of mine introduced me to the world of Guild Wars 2....then she introduced me with it's still in making state. I've been anticipating it so much that I've tried playing on her account since she offered. Gave me the disks and everything. Couldn't get logged in...
Went to Walmart, bought the Game of The Year edition since it was the only one they had, installed, and been playing it ever since. Yes I know the 2nd one is going to be different and most likely going to be fully changed quests and game play wise but still! An online MMORPG that you don't need to pay every month to buy the game and it's free to play! Any time, any day, no prepaid pre-authorised crap!
WoW? Screw 'em! Don't get me wrong I love Blizzard!
I miss my Diablo2. But still! Why pay monthly? For us poor folk, Guild Wars is the thing! ^_^
One other thing I was working on and finished way in advance was Vault Boy. He turned out more amazing that I had hoped he would. I basically knew I wouldn't be able to buy much for my fiancé's birthday that's coming up so I decided to make him the Vault Boy from Fallout 3. When I was finally finished I decided he needed a little something more...either a vault number or a pipboy.
I decided on the pipboy! ^_^

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Presents success!

Christmas eve went by faster than I expected this year but all in all I'm glad with the results.
Presents were a hit, gifts were good, and the best part was watching the bottled excitment from my neice as I told her that she was getting a "very special unique gift made by Santa only for her".
Her eyes were so wide that it took all that I had to restrain myself from laughing; and wishing I was that age again.
It warmed my heart though knowing that I was giving her a memory that she would hold dear until she came of age to know the truth.
"TINKERBELL!" She screamed when we opened the gift together and the room started off with laughter which quickly faded to admiration of her new "super special" present. But she isn't a fool, she tried catching me on a lie asking me later in the evening how I made it. Smart little bugger! I told her with a shrug: "I didn't make it, Santa did!" "Oh right!" She replied. And at the very evening, which to be honest this was the most adorable part, she calls me over and says: "Thank you so much for the present from Santa! Can you tell Santa that I really really really love her? Can you email him for me as soon as you get home?"
What a sweetheart.
Needless to say, it was one of the best Christmas' ever. :)
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Fw: Xmas x-traordinare?

Christmas is closing in faster than ever this year and I'm done all the handmade items that I had planned. All that's left?
Two bought items.
That's nothing some of you might say, but you're wrong.
I may know what I need to buy, but the whole process leading up to it is as horrible as having to sit through an entire safety video you've watched numerous times already. You already know what's going to happen and what needs to be done, you just can't hurry the process along as much as you dearly want to so that you can thank God it's over.

What's nice about this year is I have a few choices on where I can go to pick these items up and some aren't even that packed with crazed last minute shoppers. Of which most of the time I need to pick up a steel bat at the same store to fend them off the item I need.

All in all I think this year is going to be a good year for Christmas.

On an entirely different note, here's the Princess Peach doll I set out to make.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazed Christmas is Coming!

So these past few months have been non-eventful since I got sick and remained off work and am finally going back.
And I know I haven't been posting anything; it's not like I did nothing while home ridden.
My hands since day one were screaming at me to keep myself sane and do more projects with my crochet. And of course, with no sound mind to count on, I accepted the crazy challenge my hands encouraged me to set upon.

Surprisingly, I was able to finish 5 projects all of which are for Christmas. Two of them were commissions, and one of those was a simple remake of Ash that I had done for the fiancee's uncle. The rest were for my family and friend/room mate. And to explain why I was surprised at this; normally a project, depending on it's detail, hair, etc, can take around 3 weeks to a month to make. I made FIVE! ZERO FIVE! In about 2 months.

EDIT... I actually made 6, but the 6th one is wrapped already...
RE: EDIT.... 7 if you include the thing I made personally online and had shipped...

(For obvious purposes, I've blanked out the two that are going to family that know how to get to this blog....nice try suckers!)

I've even started a recent one, Princess Peach, and have planned a room dedicated to Super Mario Bros. but will call it the "You're just like Zelda" room. Why the name? Because I'm making the room full of the castle enemies like the small Boo's, and the Thwomps, etc. Once I start I will be sure to post photos.

Other than all that, I'm poor. The new meds they have me on cost $99.70 a month!!! So needless to say, Christmas this year is being made....and they are all going to like it! I've been going crazy worrying if they'll like them, do the projects have enough detail, am I missing something, WELL TOUGH! If they don't like it they can suck it! :P

EDIT... not literally, it's just something I say...

I just hope I'm not going more crazy than I already am to make these things in time and have them all look and act like 5 year old's getting underwear for Christmas instead of that cool looking remote control car or that new ....*gag*.... Barbie.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I've never felt this lost since "Serial Experiment Lane"

Day home and nothing to do but sit around and find something to pass the time. My roommate and fiance suggest a fun night of a few drinks and watching an anime called "FLCL".
For the record, I drank nothing alcoholic.
I grasped the first five minutes of the anime and then it felt like my brain squeezed through my ear and ran off.
I don't know if the anime was written while the writers were on crack or were high, but it's certain that they were on something for sure.
I mean, who in their right mind thinks that this plot follows smoothly? It's all over the place and runs over what you think you might understand of the story before you've been able to think it through fully and kicks those thoughts out.
I know Japan has a lot of strange anime but I've never seen anything so disorderly and all over the place, like a mentally challenged person wrote it.
If your an anime fanatic then of course it's one of those animes you must watch, but don't try to comprehend anything. Your mind will just be smacked all over and leave you feeling dirty, ashamed, and lost.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Things are only awesome in parallel universes..

So I recently watched the full season of FullMetal Alchemist and find myself wishing I lived in a parallel universe since all the cool things happen there.
I mean come on! You can fix things with magic instead of having to fix it yourself by hand and stuff. Or having to spend money on bringing it to someone else to fix it by hand and pay them to have done it. The only upside is that we don't have the ability to raise people from the dead or else we'd have some idiots trying to raise horrible or stupid people, like Hitler or Andy Dick when he dies.
The anime was interesting and fun to watch as it awoken some long forgotten fantasies I had when young and watching Sailor Moon. Oh the joys of an over imaginative and creative mind.
How else would people be able to jump from one building to another or use magic swords or the like? Or connect a metal cyborg-ish arm to where a human arm once was? Or even attach a friggin' soul to a metal armor!? This stuff would simply be a fascinating sight to see for me if it were true and happened in regular life.
But alas I'm stuck with my imagination and creative hands.
Either way, it had me thinking on a new line of crochet projects and I already finished the super mario bros. coin pillow I had an idea to make.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facepalm and sigh

We went to Walmart because I needed a red light bulb. It's for developing some photographic paper that I used in a pin hole camera I made.
Lost track of the fiance so looked around a bit. Some exercise equipment here, some hunting crap there. Until I come accross the isle for lights, fixtures, and bulbs.
The fiance magically appears, with less magic and ninja clouds and more of a pushing cart and hurried 'cause "I found you" appearance.

We talk about which one is best, put it in the cart and head off to the toy section. His nephew's birthday was a few days ago and we hadn't time to go.We walk up and down the many isles of toys, noise makers, and flashy lights when we come across an isle of Iron man, Spiderman, and the rest of the crime fighters lot.

I'm now pushing the cart looking from side to side knowing full well we are no longer here for the benefit of his "nephew's birthday" when I hear what resembles a gasp and an inaudible "SQUEE".I turn to see a grin on his face and a hand reaching out for an Iron man mask. Without missing a beat I say to him, "You are NOT Iron man..." and start to push the cart up the remaining isle.
"But I could be!" is his retort as he fumbles around with the back of the mask trying to get it untied to try it on.
I try again to disuade him of his child like nature that just surfaced by saying, "The mask does NOT make you Iron man. It makes you a man in a mask..." But it would seem my response fell on deaf ears as the photo shows.

See, this is why I don't go into the toys section with him.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sickness boosts speed!

I've recently been sick and off of work for a few weeks. And I've found kept myself busy with some crochet & knitting projects. And although with a fever, my skin burning up, feeling dizzy, feeling sick or about to be, aches and pain all over, and even having my doctor have me change some of my eating habits; I somehow find the energy to zoom through projects.
I don't mean like I did a big portion of the project, said it was enough, boyfriend applauded me and said it looked great.

I mean like I finished a hat with all the little details in about two days, and the next day I started on a little crochet plushie of G.I.R. from a cartoon show called Invader Zim.
And he's almost done himself after two days! All that needs finishing is attaching his tongue and zipper on the front!
This kind of project would normally take a week or so to complete, yet I've somehow found a surge of reserve power somewhere inside of me to speed crochet & knit.
Now, I'm not saying that normally I'm a slow crochet or knitter, but it's as if the cold has been helping me and boosting my speed. And all I can think of is that we need to go to Midway. For those of you who don't know what Midway is, it's like a gaming centre where certain games give you tokens and you can redeem the tokens for prizes.

And all I can think about now is that alligator game that's a version of whack a mole, and how badly i would destroy them all!

Either way, here's a photo for all you Gir lovers!

Monday, August 2, 2010

God I feel old

Alright, so today is a civic holiday and I was looking on the internet for some images of Super Mario Bros. to help out with a new crochet/knitting/etc. idea that I had very early this morning, when I come across a photo I'm pretty certain is fake. A portable NES system. Now, for those of you who don't know me, which come to think of it is all of you who read this, I'm 25 years old. I was born when the original NES came out and played it like crazy with my sisters when we were kids. This thing was AWESOME and fueled my creative insight and love for games. I'm 25 and I *just* found out that they made a portable NES. Not Nintendo though, my fiancee lets me know that they actually are real but made by some third party company. I have to say,what the heck!!!! It totally looks like the PSP and the GameGear had a small child that isn't able to take discs or small cartridges so just opens it's back a bit so you could shove the old games in. Take a look for yourselves, google or even go to ebay and type in "Portable NES". Now don't take this wrongly though, I'm not saying the portable NES is gay or anything, to the contrary! If I had known they made this I would of gone crazy and bought one in a minute. The only drawbacks are that I already have a Nintendo Wii, DS, Xbox 360, and the old NES. My need for a portable NES is kind of null at the moment.
Would I love to bring the old/original NES games with me wherever I go? HELLS YEAH!
But is it something I would waste money on since I can just play them at home? Nah.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Found Confusion

Today was a day of a new confusion for me. My first break being a reasonable time of day I went outside for the fresh air and ironic smoke that went with it.
I sat in the front of my work building on the side of a huge flower garden area. The area was about waist high and enclosed in marble stones that have an edge wide enough, so many people would frequently sit on them.
I took out my smoke and my lighter; lit my smoke, put the lighter away and then took out my Blackberry.
I proceeded to text and smoke.
Out of the corner of my eye I see a homeless lady walking by but kept what I was doing. She gets probably about a meter and a half, maybe two, away when she turns and looks at me and says: "Noble, very noble." And continues to walk.
Did I miss something here? She never once approached me or asked me anything.
The only things I can gather that it comes down to are simplistic, yet stupid when I debate it down further. But I figure it's one of these three things.
For one, I was wearing my hair up and silly so I guess I probably looked too young for smoking and gathered she was impressing some kind of homeless words against smoking.
For two, I was sitting on the side of the flower ledge area and that maybe she was trying to impress onto me her disgust with my obvious lack of respect for the flowers. They don't like breathing smoke either.
And lastly, maybe she was just crazy? I mean, she was's not like they are known for their intellect for the most part. I once was walking from my work to the bus stop and passed a homeless guy who shouted that he was part of the evil Ewok corporation!
But I mean, still.....noble? Should I be shivering in my boots or something?
Oddly enough, I don't know why I didn't think about it sooner, but perhaps it was a combination of everything above plus my texting.
But again, really?